You should consider the points below in order to make the right decision.

1.We spend over 60% of “kitchen time” at the sink. It is essential therefore to be well equipped to perform a number of different activities at the same time. Washing and preparing food must run efficiently capturing “real time” for later to enjoy with family.

2. Attractive and functional from size S to XXL.
BLANCO offers the optimal sink solution for every kitchen, no atter whether small or large, in the corner or flushmounted. With BLANCO sinks everything is possible.

3. BLANCO offers a wide range of taps, even for installation in front of a window, To complete the sink centre choose a high quality and practical mixer tap.

4. Practical accessories are the perfect basis for efficient working.
A BLANCO sink can really make the work easier for you when e. g. cooking vegetables regularly.

5. Waste separation and organisation demands various requirements.
BLANCO offers several bin sizes and convenient systems to meet every demand.

6. The size of the bowl depends on the kind of kitchen utensils you use to wash up.
A BLANCO sink with generous bowl diagonal or floodable working area accommodates even bulky items, e.g. baking trays, etc.

7. Make sure of efficient workflow. With e. g. the multifunctional colander of the AXial sinks or the patented SELECTBOX system by BLANCO you can optimise the workflow at the sink.