Eloma Principal Training Products on 13 October 2012

Has done implemented training of principal explanations and use of combi oven to all Kasirano staff grouped in purchasing staff, sales staff, architects, engineers, etc.., Thereby increasing knowledge for their personal mind about this product. Cooking demo by senior International Area Sales Manager; Volkmar Rau (Germay) and the Area Sales Manager; Hunter Reynolds (Australia). Implementation […]

Food Hotel Indonesia 2010 – Bali

Pengalaman yang menarik, itulah yang kami terima sepanjang persiapan menjelang pameran, hingga pameran berlangsung. Food Hotel Indonesia 2010 yang berlangsung 4 hari ditutup dengan 52.000 peserta. Jumlah yang meningkat tajam dari tahun-tahun silam ini menjadi pameran terbesar di bidang makanan di kawasan Asia. Event pameran ini kami didukung sepenuhnya oleh principle utama kami yaitu Eloma, […]

Food Hotel Indonesia 2011 – Jakarta

Untuk yang kesekian kalinya, Dwi Putu Kasirano ambil bagian meramaikan dalam event terbesar tahunan di dalam bisnis kitchen equipment Indonesia. Food Hotel Indonesia 2011 kali ini diadakan di Kemayoran, Jakarta. Dalam pameran yang digelar untuk kali kesebelas itu, terdapat 1.000 perusahaan dari 29 negara yang ikut serta antara lain Jerman, Amerika Serikat, Turki, Singapura, Taiwan, […]

Indonesia Culinary Workshop 2012 – Merano Italy

At this year, Kasirano received special invitation from Ambach. Ambach, the leader company at manufacture and market high-end equipment, which offer the best solutions and benefits to those who work in large commercial kitchens and catering, invite us to show and speak to all of the audiance from every country in this world. Mr. William […]

IRINOX Seminar 2012 – Bali

Based on its commitment to innovation, continuous research and cooperation with top professionals in the fields of food service, bakery, pastry and ice cream, IRINOX launched the MultiFresh line of state-of-the-art products. The unmatched ability of MultiFresh systems to effectively work with a complete range of foods and preparation processes by adjusting various chilling and […]

Lowongan CV. Dwi Putu Kasirano Tehnisi Service

CV. Dwi Putu Kasirano memberikan persyaratan, ketentuan dan spesifikasi pekerjaan sebagai Tehnisi Service & Proyek yang akan ditempatkan di Jakarta. Syarat : Pria Min 20th Memiliki kepribadian yang jujur, ulet, suka tantangan, mau bekerja keras, cerdas dan kreatif Min STM jurusan Listrik Arus lemah Pengalaman min 1th Diutamakan yang mempunyai pengalaman dan keahlian di bidang […]


Personnel Working in Cold Stores Working in a cold store means exposure to extreme cold and demands high physical and mental standards. Heat losses from the body must be minimized by proper clothing. In addition, working in a low temperature environment creates special effect on the human body, which must be counteracted by a special […]

Slippery Floor Nightmares in Commercial Kitchens

How do I solve the Nightmare of Slippery floors in My Commercial Kitchen? Commercial kitchen owners and managers generally face slippery floor issues in their kitchens. This is especially evident when the surface is tiled and the contamination is caused by oil. Staff in most instances, do not have time during the shift to clean […]