“When kitchen accessories and utensils become stars ”

An half century ago, the kitchen was hidden, reduced to a pure functional role. Now it shows up and takes the stage. In restaurants, it is not uncommon to discover the chef behind a glass wall in a perfectly organized stainless steel kitchen, clean and often contemporary styled. Here’s a wealth of inspiration ideas and to treat your kitchen without breaking you bank account.
All stainless steel kitchen

Stainless steel is the material of choice for a kitchen manager, like Ferran Adria’s kitchen laboratory. Stainless steel is: sturdy, hygienic because it is easy to clean, flattering to food due to its shiny appearance. It’s an ideal material for both countertops and credenza.

To recreate that “lab spirit” in your home kitchen, you can apply on your cupboard doors some soft metal adhesive paper imitating brushed steel, the effect is stunning: thick and solid, it can be cleaned with a sponge. You can dress your credenza with a brushed aluminum or stainless steel sheet of 0.8 mm thick, to be bonded directly over your old wall tiles. You are already in a professional kitchen!
Shopping lists and menus frames

Chalkboard paint or magnetic paint allows you to display the menu of the day or note the shopping list. Using a meter and a level, draw a frame on the wall with a pencil: 120×180 cm, for example if you have a wall surface or 50×70 cm large for a smaller space. Stick masking tape along the lines outside the box and paint the inside with chalkboard paint or magnetic grey paint. For the frame color, black or gray blend well with stainless steel. You just have to take note of the commands of your guests!