Stocking a kitchen with great gadgets and utensils can be really fun, although daunting. There are a few ways to begin collecting the equipment, utensils and appliances you need. One is to look through a list like this one, check off what you need, then go on a shopping spree. Another is a trial and error method. As you begin cooking, you\’ll quickly realize what utensils your kitchen is missing. Believe me, the first way is better! When you want to make a pie crust and realize you have no rolling pin, it can put you off pie crusts forever. If you really want to save money, take some time to cruise garage and tag sales. You can find excellent cooking equipment, utensils, and even appliances for pennies if you are a savvy shopper.


made of high carbon stainless steel
3 or 4\” paring knife
a serrated knife
8 or 10\” chef\’s knife

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Various sizes, in metal and plastic
Get at least two sets of each, so you\’re not continually washing them as you cook
glass measuring cups with spout, for liquids


slotted spoon
wooden spoons
sturdy metal spoons
Soup ladle

Mixing Utensils

hand held electric mixer
Wire whisks in different sizes


straight spatulas
angled handle spatulas
rubber scraper spatulas

Sieves and Colanders

nested varying size sieves, in stainless steel (work as flour sifters too)
steel or plastic colander

Pots and Pans

1, 2, 4, and 8-quart saucepans with covers
12\” skillet with covers
6 or 8\” nonstick skillet
roasting pan
two 9\” round cake pans
9\” square cake pan
9\”x13\” baking pan
9\”x5\” loaf pan
9\” pie pan
12 cup muffin tin
cooling racks
two cookie sheets


swivel-bladed vegetable peeler
grater with various sized holes
rolling pin
can opener
kitchen timer
kitchen shears