HUPFER® has developed wet benches for the washing and disinfection of contaminated products. The work surfaces are made entirely from stainless steel, with
anti drip edges. The rear of the work surfaces always incorporates a splash-back.
The standard height of these benches is 900 mm, but it is always possible to make them at different heights. Several sizes of sinks appear throughout our catalog according to your particular requirements. All sinks are completely fully welded and rounded to facilitate cleaning. We can also supply you with all the taps and plumbing accessories. Below the work surfaces we can equip the furniture in the form of a compartment ed cabinet or provide shelves.

Particular care is taken for the protection of drainage if necessary.We can also fit out storage in the form of drawers.It should be noted that all of these accessories are
delivered with parts made entirely from stainless steel.

Within the context of optimizing the daily tasks around the stages of washing, disinfection and sterilization, we are in a position to bring you all the solutions with regard to Sorting,Packing, Storage, Distribution, Arranging and Transport. Having control of these tasks will enable you to organize your sterilization processes in the best way, meeting hygiene standards with perfect ergonomics.

We have built our experience and our reputation on controlling the logistical functions in sterilization for a number of years whilst continually providing new products which facilitate the day-to-day work and guarantee ergonomic, convenient and flexible use.

In addition, the breadth of our range of products in the hospital sector for the functions of sterilization and operating theater enables us to find a solution no matter what the specific environments and constraints of each establishment may be. Our “product and organization” concept is concentrated on improving the day-to-day working conditions of our clients. A global concept We have developed a complete manufacturing programmer centered on a functional modular concept.

We cover all the needs for equipment for the sterilization circuit or the operating theater. We provide high-performance and exclusive solutions with regard to ergonomics, hygiene and safety. We systematically use materials of very high quality, stainless steel, anti-corrosive, anti-static and anti-magnetic.

We bring you exclusive advantages such as: – A “bio” construction with rounded angles
on all our materials facilitating cleaning and ensuring safety.Manufacture of baskets from continuous wire, which does not cause any risk of injury, or tearing of paper during sterilization.