Updating your laundry facility is smart for resident retention, but the process doesn?t have to be an overhaul. With immediate, efficient updates, your laundry facility can save you money and accommodate tenants.

Here are five tips for updating your laundry facility to make it more efficient and cost effective:

1. Purchase high quality now, save on maintenance costs later
When upgrading machines, you have a choice between going cheap with inexpensive, low quality machines or investing in higher quality equipment that cost more. This is not an area where you want to cut corners, says Andrew Propst, president and managing partner at Park Place Property Management in Meridian, Idaho. His suggestion: invest in higher quality machines initially to save money in the long term. You may pay more up front, but if you don?t ?in the long run, you?ll be spending three times as much on maintaining a lower quality machine,? Propst says. ?because they are used so frequently.?

2. Get help with the update
Trevor Henson, co-founder of First Light Property Management, Inc. in Manhattan Beach, Calif. suggests partnering with a third-party company to update your laundry facilities and switch out your old machines. ?About every three years, a local outsourcing company switches out our machines to be more efficient,? he says. That company, Henson says, also handles the coin collection, repairs, cleans and updates all machines, which provides scheduled, dependable services with little to no hassle for management. To find a reliable laundry service provider, Henson recommends getting a referral from other property management companies or a general contractor.

3. Add more efficient lighting and ventilation
Washers and dryers are only one aspect of your laundry facility outflow. Updating your lighting and ventilation systems will cut costs while conserving energy. ?Replace light switches with timers,? Propst says. ?You can buy a timer or digital one-touch to save energy. Choose how long lights can stay on at one time.? Then, he suggests, having an exhaust fan timed to the lights so when the dryer runs the exhaust also runs.

To make sure the dryers are properly ventilated, Hen son says to make sure the dryer vents ? from the dryer to the outside – are no longer than 30 feet, with at least five fee for each ?elbow.?